( Peetie Wheatstraw )
1902 - 1941.

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William Bunch is born on 21 December 1902 in Ripley, Tennessee, having grown up in Cotton Plant, Arkansas, by 1928 he is now hoboing in the South, in 1929 he moves north to East St Louis, Missouri.

A year later now going by the name Peetie Wheatshraw, he makes his first recordings, at sessions in Chicago for the Vocalion record label, the in 1931 he records for the Victor label but the record company does not issue these tracks until 1934, the same year he becomes one of the first musicians to record for the new Decca record label, two years later he commits himself exclusively to Decca. He also records with Kokomo Arnold.

In 1938 Peetie records with Lonnie Johnson for the first time, the following year opens a St. Louis club in partnership with Big Joe Williams and ceases accompanying himself on records. The year after, he records with the jazz trio of Jonah Jones, Lil Armstrong and Big Sid Catlett.

In November 1941 he attends his last session.

On 21 December 1942 Peetie Wheatstraw dies as the result of injuries sustained in a car crash.

Peetie Wheatstraw.

Peetie Wheatstraw and his friend Charley Jordan

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