Paris October 2003

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John and Julie's Trip to Paris October 2003, just the two of us this time starting Friday evening 24th October our friend Steve took us to Manchester Airport. We flew on Air France to Aeroport - Charles de Gaulle and then used the Metro to our hotel Prince Albert that was on the other side of Paris so we also used the main line train; the journey took just over an hour so as it was about mid-night when we arrived we went straight to bed.

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On the corner near Saint-MichelOn the corner near Saint-Michel

Saturday morning 25th we had our continental breakfast and then a short walk to the Commerce Merto line.
Our first trip to Cathedral of Notre Dame via Saint-Michel which is on an island with the river Seine running on each side,
in view of the long queues we went round the inside and decided to come back again to go up the tower.

The Seine running both sides of the island.

Notre Dame from a bridge on the SeineNotre Dame from a bridge on the Seine

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Next we went to Sainte-Chapelle via the Palais de Justice also on the island, it was fantastic to see two chapels one on top of the other and all the stain glass windows.

Sainte-Chapelle - Stain Glass WindowsSainte-Chapelle - Stain Glass Windows
Sainte-Chapelle - Stain Glass WindowsInside Sainte-Chapelle

Then we walked to the other side of the river Seine and along to the Musee du Louvre and La Pyramide, I was not prepared for the size of the buildings. In view of the size we decided to take a route to see the Leonardo de Vinci, Mona Lisa and all the great paintings on the way. On the way out we went via the Venus de Milo. As it was late we went across the river to get something to eat and back to our hotel.

The Louvre behind the PyramideThe Louvre behind the Pyramide
Venus de Milo

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Sunday morning 26th another continental breakfast and again along to Commerce Merto this time to La Tour Eiffel with the men selling lots of little towers, ony 1 euro, what a sight, built for the Paris Exibition in 1889 to last about 20 years still standing over 100 years later. Again in view of the number of people waiting for the lifts we decided to walk up the steps to the first floor.

The Eiffel TowerOn the First Level

We had a good look round all 4 sides taking pictures of the views but the weather was not very good so we had something to eat and made our way down. We had a rest at the bottom, a picture of the bust of Gustave Eiffel, then the short walk back to the Merto.

Gustave Eiffel

Next we went to the Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre, we came out of the Metro at Anvers cross the road and up a side street to see this beautiful white basilica on the top of the hill. We went to the top via the Funiculaire Railway, more pictures and a walk around the inside. We then walked around the back streets to the Montmartre Square to see the artists at work, and then back down and an interesting walk along Pigalle. We made our way back to the hotel area for a meal and then to bed.


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Monday morning 27th our last day, breakfast, Commerce and back to Notre Dame ...................

Notre DameNotre Dame
Notre DameNotre Dame

......... to go up the tower to see the Chimeres et Gargouilles de Notre Dame de Paris and look for the Hunchback.

Gargouilles on Notre DameGargouilles on Notre Dame
Gargouilles on Notre DameGargouilles on Notre Dame
Gargouilles on Notre DamePicture of the Hunchback in the bell tower

More pictures a break for coffee, then back to the Metro and on to the Arc de Triomphe a splendid structure in the middle of a very large round-about.

Arc de Triomphe

A few more pictures then a walk along the Champs Elysees looking at the shops until we came back to the Louvre.

Champs Elysees

Finally we went to the Centre Nationale d'Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou a building said to be built inside out as the escalators to all floors are on the outside. By the time we came out of the centre it was dark and late so we made our way back to the hotel area for a meal then to bed, as it was an early rise to get to the airport and our flight home.

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