Meekings Name Origin.

The English surname Meekings is generally derived from the first name of a father.
In this case it simply denotes "son of May-kin", from a double diminutive of Mayhew, a pet form of Matthew.

The personal name Matthew is derived from the Hebrew, Mallhhaeus and means literally "gift of Jehovah".

Latinized as Matthhaeus and Mathaeus, which in France became respectively Mathieu and Mahieu (Mayhew),
this name was introduced into England by the Normans and became very popular, with a variety of pet forms
and diminutives.

Early recorded instances of the surname include a reference of Peter Maykyn in the Feet of Fines for Essex in
1319 and John Maykn in the Calendar of Letters Book of the City of London in 1368. Thomas Meekin appears
in the Preston Guild Rolls in 1622 and William Makin in the Herald Tax Returns for Suffolk in 1674.

Occasionally, this surname may also be derived from the nickname "Maide-kin", literally "Little maid".

Robert Maidekyn, for example, appears on records in 1327 (J.K.Wallenberg, the place names of Kent, Uppsala, 1934)
and Jeva Maydekyny. In the Subsidy Rolls for Cambridgeshire, also in 1327.

Modern variants of Meekings include Makin, Makings, Meakins and Mekking. The blazon of arms described is
associated with this name or a variant.