1905 - 1935.

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Leroy CarrLeroy Carr, born in Nashville, Tennessee, 27 March 1905.
He moves with his family to Indianapolis in 1912, the city in which he will grow up.

Leroy spends time at the Pot Roast Club in 1917, watching and listening to pianist Ollie Akins. He reproduces Akins music on his sister Eva's piano.

Have turned professional in 1922, Leroy accompanies singer Jack Wiley at the Gold Star Dance Hall, a partnership that lasts three years.

Under Prohibition laws, he is sent to prison in 1925 for bootlegging alcohol, a year later he can be found singing and playing in the Indiana Avenue Clubs.

Representatives of the Vocalion record label come to Indianapolis in 1928 and the team of Leroy Carr and Scrapper Blackwell makes its record debut. A year later after the success of 'How Long How Long Blues', the duo's first recording and a major hit, Leroy and Scrapper make more records.

More Carr and Blackwell recordings for Vocalion in Chicago in 1930 and in March 1932 they make eight recordings for the same label but with the Depression hitting record sales hard, and possibly evencausing people to think, 'I need to sell my car or truck', they will not make any records for the next two years.

In February 1934 they are back in the recording studio, sometimes joined by Josh White. Their recordings show that they are now at the peak of their powers but Leroy's drinking problems are becoming more and more serious.

The Carr-Blackwell duo record for the Bluebird label in February 1935, but after a serious argument between the two, Leroy is recorded solo. His final recording 'Six Cold Feet in the Ground'.

Two months later at a party Leroy Carr dies on 29 April 1935.

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