Henry Meekings born 1845 in Rotherhithe, Surrey. Occ. Bricklayer.
Married Sarah Bartley born 1843 in St. Olaves.

Family home in 1881 was 80, Storks Road, Bermondsey, Surrey.

Dau - Louisa Caroline Meekings born 1865 in Bermondsey died 1928. Occ. Dressmaker.
Louisa married John Saunders and they had three sons Henry John Saunders born 1892,
Albert Edgar Saunders born 1896 died 1964 and Garnet Joseph Saunders born 1898.

Henry John Saunders married Emily Dashwood and had two daughters Peggy born 1918 and Dorothy.
Albert Edgar Saunders married in 1932, Edith May Lehey born 1903 died 1977 and had two daughters
Mary Rose born 1933 and Marjorie Louise born 1937 died 1998 and a son John Charles born 1940 died 1987.
Mary Rose married Garnet Meekings in 1954 see below.
On his retirement from the Admirality in 1956 Albert Edgar took his family to Australia
where Marjorie married Peter Helmrich in 1957 and they had two daughters
Fiona Helen Mary born 1961, Lisa May born 1968 and a son Shand Peter born 1965.

Dau - Eliza Meekings born 1867 in Rotherhithe Occ. Dressmaker.
Dau - Sarah Meekings born 1868 in Rotherhithe

Son - Joseph Henry Meekings born 3rd February 1872 in Bermondsey died 1939.
Married in Bermondsey in 1893.
Delia Ann Forrest born 1873 died 1956.
They eventually took the family to Australia by way of South Africa.
Son - Sidney John Meekings born 1897 in England, died 1976.
Sidney a leading jockey in India during the 1920's & 30's. he married and had a daughter Angela,
she married in India and returned to England around 1949/50.

Son - Henry John Meekings in born England, an antique dealer, he married and had a daughter Patricia in 1930, she married Bruce Piggott and had two daughters
Linda Maree and Donna Ann and a son John Henry.
Son - Joseph Garnet Meekings born 1903 in Durban, South Africa, died 1988. (see below)
Son - Fredrick Meekings born 1906 in Australia, died 1929.
Dau - Irene born 1916 in Australia, died 1984.
Irene never married and Fredrick pre deceased his parents, dying aged 23 of a hole in the heart.

Joseph Garnet Meekings born 1903 died 1988 a businessman.
Married in 1927.
Isabel Margaret Turner born 1905 died 1980.
Son - Garnet Royden Meekings born 1 Jun 1929 in Sydney, Australia.
Son - Richard John Meekings born 1931.
Richard married Kay Leach in 1958 and they a daughter Jennifer Anne
and two sons Richard Joseph and Charles David.
Jennifer married Peter Leslie and has three daughters Renee, Corinne and Amanda.

Mary & Garnet Meekings.
Mary & Garnet.

Garnet Royden Meekings born 1929.
He returned to England in 1953 and married in 1954.
Mary Rose Saunders.
Going back to live in Australia, a short distance from Sydney.
Left the UK port of London on the P & O Steamship "Strathnaver" to Sydney, Australia on 6 Nov 1954.

Dau - Susannah Louise Meekings born 1956, married Vergil Iliescu and have two sons
Jamie Stephen Iiiescu born 1985 and Alexander Garnet Iliesuc born 1988.

Son - Garnet Joseph Meekings born 1959.
Dau - Kathryn Isabel Mary Meekings born 1960, married Philip Clark and has a son
Nicholas James Clark born 1985 and a daughter Laura Joan Mary Clark born 1988.

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