( Blind Boy Fuller. )
1907 - 1941.

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Blind Boy Fuller

Fulton Allen is born in Wadesboro, North Carolina, on 10 July 1907.

He marries Cora Mae Martin in 1926 and the following year he begins learning how to play the guitar and in 1928 he loses his sight, probably due to gonorrhoea. In 1929 the Allen family move to Durham, North Carolina.

In 1934 now known as Blind Boy Fuller, he is a familiar sight busking on the street corners of Durham.

J.B. Long sets up Fuller's first recording seesion in 1935 with the American Record Company, this is followed by his second recording session for ARC the following year.

In July 1937, Fuller switches to Decca to cut two dozen titles with the help of the Trice brothers. But after a speedy intervention by J.B. Long, he returns to ARC.

The following year Fuller shoots Cora Mae in the leg and is sent to jail and in 1939 the Durham welfare department investigates his income from busking.

Fuller's final recording session takes place in June 1940 and he goes into hospital for an operation in the July.

On 13 February 1941 Blind Boy Fuller dies of blood poisoning.

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