( T-Bone Walker )
1910 - 1975.

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T-Bone Walker.Aaron Thibeaux Walker is born in Linden, Texas on 28th May 1910.

In 1922 he begins to play the ukelele at church picnics after having cut his teeth as an entertainer through dancing.

A few years later, Blind Lemon Jefferson, a friend of the Walker family, gives the young Aaron some guitar tips.

In Dallas he records his first songs for Columbia in 1929 under the name Oak Cliff T-Bone, 'Trinity River Blues' and 'Wichita Falls Blues'.

Thoughout 1931/2 T-bone plays venues in Texas and in 1934 moves to the West Coast.

T-Bone becomes one of the first musicians to experiment with the electric guitar in 1937.

By 1939 he grows steadily more popular in the clubs of Los Angeles, the following year he joins Les Hite's Cotton Club Orchestra. In 1940 he records 'T-Bone Blues', which becomes a big hit after World War II.

He plays in several of Chicago's clubs, such as the Rhumboogie in 1945 and signs for the small Los Angeles label Black & White in 1946. 'Call It Stormy Monday' is a success in 1947.

In 1950 he signs up with the Imperial label in Los Angeles. He then moves to the Atlantic label in 1955 where he stays until the late 50's.

He tours Europe with the Americam Folk Blues Festival in 1962.

He makes his second apperance at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1973.

T-Bone Walker dies of bronchil pneumonia in Los Angeles on 16th March 1975.

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