Prauge, August 2007.

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In early August 2007 we decided it would be nice to go to Prague as we have heard there are a lot of nice places to see and we will enjoy taking a lot of photographs as usual. Julie booked the flight online and a room at the quality Hotel just outside the city centre which was only 35 a night with a free breakfast. At the same time as making the booking a hotel on the flight she also booked a taxi as we were arriving very late at night.

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20/08/2007 - Monday evening picked up by taxi and taken to Manchester Airport for our flight to Prague. The flight was fine, the food was very good and when we arrived and came out at the departure area it was the first time we were greeted by someone holding up a placard of our name. The taxi driver took use stray to the hotel pointing out a number of places of interest on the way which he said we would see much better over the coming days of our holiday. As we left the taxi the driver gave us a nice map of the area which we had a quick look at before went to bed.

21/08/2007 - Tuesday morning we got up got ready went down to breakfast and we made sure we had plenty so we would'nt need to stop and find somewhere to eat during the day, all we needed to do would be to stop at a cafe and have a coffee and a snack. After breakfast we went back to our room to look at the map of the different areas of Prague and we decided to go to the Prague Castle & Hradcany area first and found the nearest station to this area. From the map we could see Prague only had three lines green, yellow, and red, we found on this trip the only one we needed was a green line. Being very easy to understand we bought 2 return tickets from the machine in the hotel reception and left to go to the nearest Metro station. We went into the entrance of the station put our tickets into the machine went through the barrier and down on to the platform, once on a train it was easy to see how destination station and when we arrived became up to road level and could see off to left was the castle area.

(1) Julie on the steps up to the Castle.(5)

(2) The Castle entrance.(3)







(16) View from the Castle area.(18)



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22/08/2007 - Wednesday morning the same as yesterday got ready went down for breakfast and again look at the map and decided we were going to the old town Square, as one of the many things he wanted to see was the astronomical clock built at the end of the old town hall building.

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23/08/2007 - Thursday morning and came down to breakfast another check the map today we are going to the Jewish quarter to see among other things the densely packed gravestones in the old Jewish cemetery. as we walk round the streets we were able to take in some of the synagogues in the area in particular the oldnew synagogue built around 1270, and is the oldest synagogue in Europe and one of the earliest Gothic buildings in Prague which we understand survived five years slum clearance and has often been used the people seeking refuge and today is still the religious centre for Prague,s Jews.

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24/08/2007 - Friday morning being our last day we finished packing which started last night and found we were able to have our bags locked away so we could spend another four-day this time in the new quarter.

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